All It Takes Is A Well-Planned SEO Strategy To Rescue An ICO From A Regrettable Underperformance   

Almost every tech-savvy guy has received news about the exponential growth of the digital gold – cryptocurrency, Bitcoin in particular. Following the trail left by the Bitcoin, a lot of entrepreneurs have made investments to cash in on the new growth opportunities offered by the Blockchain technology. That’s why there is a continuous stream of new ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) being launched worldwide. However, an impressive number of ICOs fall short in reaching their soft caps. Why are investors reluctant to invest in some promising ideas of ICOs?

Despite having brilliant ideas, promising whitepapers, good landing pages and making achievable promises, still 46% of ICO failed last year, that’s what TokenData’s survey published on Bitcoin News says. We can’t say that these ICOs are failed ideas. These are failed fundraisers. Or, we can say, these ICOs fail to reach and rope in its target audience.

Why SEO for Blockchain?

Search engine optimization is an important mark startup ICOs are missing. The website of an ICO serves the purpose of a platform it uses to sell coins. An ICO that is visible on the first search engine result page and doing well on social media will be rewarded with more brand awareness, more trust and more token sale. Many ICOs are left high and dry due to their failure in putting an effective SEO strategy into practice. To receive a high amount of support from the community, an ICO has to be in the sight and in the mind of the community. An ICO can achieve lasting online success when it makes SEO and SMM important parts of its lifecycle.

SEO and SMM in ICO Lifecycle

Following are the phases an ICO goes through during its life:

  • Announcement of the ICO
  • Creating the whitepaper
  • Getting advertisers on the board
  • Creating token
  • Advertising campaign
  • Holding ICO token
  • Using tokens
  • Product development

Announcements of ICOs are usually made on popular online platforms that have earned a massive audience consisting of traders and investors. For example, a lot of ICO startups publish their announcements on Medium (a popular online publishing platform) which got 163.18 million visits last month. If you read several ICO announcements, you will not find phrases that an internet user is likely to search. No keyword research is done before writing the announcement.

A whitepaper is a quick lead generator. It is a well-researched authoritative report that gives the complete idea of the project to traders and investors. This document is created using the most valuable information presented in very persuasive manner. However, a whitepaper can endow an ICO with the reward of conversion only if it has a readership.

Writing persuasive content on social media can create significant awareness about the ICO and the whitepaper. HootSuite, Buffer, TweetDeck, SocialOomph, Friends+Me, Likeable Hub, Social Pilot and Post Planner are some of the popular social media platforms promoters can use to promote whitepaper on social media. Facilitating audience with social media sharing buttons on the landing page will enable them to share whitepaper on various social media networks. Placing ads to promote content (yes, people are advertising content as well) is a wise move. There are some ICOs utilizing Google Adwords to promote their whitepaper.

When a webinar can turn 20% to 40% of the attendees into leads, no ICO should miss this opportunity. Converting whitepaper into Slideshare, publishing guest blog posts and online news releases are some of the promising tactics marketing team of an ICO can use to promote whitepaper.

A well-researched and well-formulated SEO and SMM strategy can keep the audience engaged and informed during all phases of the ICO lifecycle.

SEO Is an Effective Medium

ICOs are creating cryptocurrency communities by creating and publishing influential content on popular social media networks and online publishing platforms like Medium and Telegram. However, the engaging content can generate leads only when it is optimized. SEO is the tool that takes the engaging content to the audience. Well-researched quality content has the power to change public perception. However, this can’t be achieved without implementing a promising SEO and SMM marketing strategy that can increase the visibility of the content.

High-Quality Profile Links 

While constructing an online marketing strategy, ICOs do not give much attention to forming link profiles. ICOs with high authority good links become the beneficiary of a strong online presence. The poor authority links earned from poor websites and networks can adversely affect the trust and reputation of the ICO. ICOs should receive links from high ranked and relevant publications only as Google sees the credibility, high authority and relevancy of a link. An ICO should immediately disassociate its website from harmful links as Google ranking algorithms do not appreciate this.

An ICO should get links from websites most of the traders and investors visit to stay informed. Here are some examples:

  • CoinMarketCap
  • BitcoinTalk
  • CoinDesk
  • TokenMarket
  • TradingView

Many ICOs have stopped underestimating the power of a well-planned SEO and SMM strategy. They have started understanding that hiring an experienced team of SEO and SMM professionals guarantees a strong presence in the crypto community. So, these ICOs have started implementing simple, basic yet very effective SEO activities like keyword research, link optimization, on-page optimization, meta titles and meta descriptions.

The goal of an ICO is to get maximum online publicity to attract traders and investors so that it can sell tokens and raise millions in the shortest span of time. And, to be popular on the internet, an ICO has to comply with Google and this is exactly what an SEO strategy does. And, hiring the best team for SMM will help an ICO in achieving the pinnacle of brand awareness.

Best of luck!


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