Have you ever thought of making a vintage-inspired photo or adding some old effect to a beautiful family photo?

Then let’s turn back in time and make your selected photo into an old and worn one. It is one of the easiest effects you can put into your photo.

You can have this realistic photo effect by using some layer blends, grudge texture, brushes and gradient maps for color toning to create this antique look.

We have compiled some of the basic ideas you can use to have this kind of effect.

Here are the steps on how to age a photo in Photoshop:

  1. The first thing you want to do is to select the photo you want to add the effect, any photo you’ve like can be used.

  1. The next step should be adding a new adjustment layer on the photo that is located at the bottom right corner of the tool bar.
  2. As you click add new layer there will be a drop down menu and you need to select HUE / SATURATION.


  1. A property box will appear to you as you click the HUE / SATURATION, after that you need to make some adjustments.

  1. Then you need to check the colorize option and adjust the hue slider to 40 or below, it’s up to you which number fits your preference.


  1. As you add the adjustment on the HUE / SATURATION, you need to merge the layer effect by just selecting it and pressing SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + E.

  1. The next step would be selecting filter on the toolbar above and selecting Gaussian Blur.



  1. As you click the effect, a property box will pop up and you will see a Radius value. You need to change it to 6.


  1. After selecting the blue effect, you need to change it to OVERLAY and adjust its opacity to 65 up to 68.




  1. The next step would be creating a new layer by clicking it on the bottom right corner.


  1. To select the fill layer with black you need to press SHIFT + F5.


  1. The photo will be covered with black layer, the next step would be selecting FILTER and on the drop down select NOISE and ADD NOISE.

  1. Another property box will pop up and you need to change the AMOUNT between 120 up to 130.


  1. You also need to mark the DISTRIBUTION and select GAUSIAN along with MONOCHROMATIC down below.


  1. After doing that, your image will have a static above and you need to change its effect to SOFT LIGHT and adjust its OPACITY to 15%.


  1. For the next step, you need to add another ADJUSTMENT LAYER and select LEVELS.


  1. As you see the properties box again, you need to change the OUTPUT LEVELS to 28 and 230.


  1. For the last step, you need to adjust opacity of the HUE / SATURATION layer to 90%.


  1. There you have it. By following these simple steps you now have an antique look photo. Just always remember that you can always play with value to match your desired outcome of the photo.


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