Do you have a photo and want to add some cool effect on it, such as a duotone? This cool effect means adding a layer of two colors on your image.

It’s a perfect way to incorporate a positive vibe on your logo or add some swag on your Facebook posts.

It can be done easily in Photoshop with just some simple steps you can follow.

We have compiled the basic steps to have an amazing duotone photo.

Here are the steps for a Duotone Photo:

  • The first thing you need to do is select the image that you want to edit or apply the duotone on your Photoshop.


  • The next thing you need to do is to remove the background of your photo and make it as a separate layer by simply selecting the image you want to apply the duotone.


  • To cut out the image you can use a PEN TOOL, the MAGIC WAND TOOL and QUICK SELECTION TOOL. Carefully select the image by clicking on its edges and selecting the parts you want to be included on your duotone effect.


  • As you cut out the image, you need to create another layer and make it a white background, then place it in-between the two layers.


  • The next step would be adding a gradient map for the shadow, highlights and putting it on top of the image by simply clicking the ADJUSTMENT LAYER tool on the lower right side of the Photoshop.
  • Adjust the gradient with the color you wanted. Mix and match the colors and see if it will match your selected image.


  • As you selected the color that you wanted, it is a must to adjust the balance to make it more appealing and then hit the OK button to apply the effect.


  • The next step would be adding some BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST. 


  • As you add the brightness/contrast, you need to make some adjustment to its value by simply putting it in-between 20 to 30 or anything that you can find appropriate for your photo.


  • You can also add some shapes or designs that will make your photo stand out.
  • To add designs, you need to click the shape selection tool.


  • You can select the ELIPSE TOOL, RECTANGLE TOOL or POLYGON TOOL to create the shape that you wanted.
  • Make numerous shapes as many as you want overlapping the images.


  • The next step would be selecting shape layers and the image layer by pressing CTRL and then click on the two layers.


  • The next thing would be clicking the select bar on the top and then selecting inverse to have a layer mask under the image.


  • After that you need to apply the layer mask by clicking it on the lower right side. As you can see the circles will be underneath the image.

And there you have it. You now have a duotone image for your brand, photo and social media posts.

You can follow these steps or make some adjustment depending on your preference. You can now have a colorful and trendy photo.


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