Portraits or pictures with words embossed or mask within the photo is a powerful Photoshop effect of presenting a famous quote, poems or speeches. Fortunately, you can create a perfect Text Portrait Effect with this guide.

Here are the steps in creating a Text Portrait.

  1. Select a photo you want to apply the text portrait effect in Photoshop.

  2. You need to remove the background of the picture by selecting it with a quick selection tool.

  3. As you select the whole area, you need to create a new layer with the Refine Edge option located on the toolbar menu.

  4. After clicking the Refine Edge, a menu will pop up. You just need to click the Smart Radius and on the output and select a new layer mask.

  5. As you create a new layer, the next step will be removing the color of the photo by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + U.

  6. The next step will be creating a blank layer between the original picture and the black and white photo by pressing the create new layer on the bottom right corner.

  7. After creating the new layer, you need to fill it with black. Make sure that your foreground color is black and then press ALT + Delete.

  8. Now you need to crop the image to the right size for text portrait by selecting the cropping tool on the left side tool bar.

  9. As you click the crop tool, you need to select the W x H x Resolution on the top left corner, then set its W to 1000 its H to 1000 and the resolution to 150.

  10. Drag its box to the right position of the face.

  11. The next step will be creating a Displacement Map of the image. You can do this by simply right clicking the background copy and select the duplicate layer. Now, choose the destination for new, it will open up a new tab with your photo.

  12. You need to apply a blur effect on the displacement map.
  13. First, select filter on the tool bar on the top placing your pointer on the blur option. It will show another menu, then you need to select the Gaussian Blur.

  14. As you click the Gaussian Blue effect, a menu will pop up. You just need to adjust the radius to a number that gives your photo a good blur effect.

  15. Now, you need to save it as a PSD file on your desktop for much easier access, because it is necessary later in the tutorial.
  16. The next step will be creating the text you want to add. It can be a song, poem, short story or a personal message.
  17. You can use any word cloud tool available online such as wordle.net or numerous other websites.

  18. Open your word cloud file in the Photoshop, then open your channels panel and press CTRL then click the RGB layer.

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