A continuation of the Text Portrait Effect In Photoshop starts here. If you need to see the first part, please start by clicking here.

  1. You need to duplicate the selected text by pressing CTRL + J.
  2. Now you need to drag the word cloud to your model tab and make another copy of it.

  3. Then you need to select the word cloud copy and double click on its thumbnail to open the layer style window.

  4. Now, select the drop shadow panel then click ok to apply the effect.

    How To Create A Text Portrait Effect In Photoshop

  5. Make sure that your subject is fully covered by the word cloud.

  6. The next thing will be grouping all the word cloud copy by selecting all of them except the original one, then press CTRL + G.

  7. Now, press right click and then convert them to smart object to make a copy of it.

  8. The next thing will be applying a filter effect.

  9. You need to click the distort effect and select displace option.

  10. As you click, it will pop up a menu. Click okay and select your saved Displacement.psd on your desktop.

  11. Now, you need to hide the group copy layer and then press CTRL + click the thumbnail.

  12. Next will be selecting the Background copy layer and making it a layer mask to the image.

  13. You need to have a composite screenshot of the layer by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + E.

  14. Next will be hiding the background layer, then dragging the composite screenshot to the top of the layers.

  15. Now, make the Group 1 layer visible again and apply a blend mode to the photo by selecting the linear burn on the composite screenshot.

  16. You need to add some layer text behind the model by unhiding the group 1 below and dragging it on top of the layer.

  17. You need to do a reverse mask by pressing CTRL and clicking the background image, then pressing ALT and click add layer mask.

  18. Unlink the two layers by pressing the chain on the middle, then lowering the opacity that will match the background.

There you have it! You now have a Text Portrait Effect.

How To Create A Text Portrait Effect In Photoshop


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