Link building in SEO is one of the best techniques in achieving higher rankings.

A backlink is an incoming link from some other website to your website. It is a clickable text on some other website and the aim of doing link building is to get more traffic to the website.

However, rank and traffic are not the only benefits a website reaps on the accumulation of backlinks. Though most of the website owners want these two rewards after investing in link building and other SEO techniques, here are some other fruits link building can bear for your business:

  • Building Authority
  • Branding
  • Referral Traffic
  • Promotion
  • And, building relationships

Admittedly, search engines direct a significant amount of traffic to a website. However, that is not the only source of traffic. If you get a link from an authority website with a massive reach and audience, this link brings a lot of referral traffic to your website. This is the value of a good click.

Getting a higher rank on the search engines and creating a strong presence and influence on social media, these two tactics are great for creating brand awareness. However, creating and materializing proper link building strategies can boost brand visibility, credibility and awareness.

It’s great to have an authority within a niche. Having an authority plays an important role in establishing as a brand. By finding high authority websites and getting incoming links from there, your website too can have high authority.

Getting a link from high authority website brings you into the good books of the search engines. And, Google or any search engine wants to provide users with the best possible results and authority is considered in this.

Build and rely on relationships within your niche. Every industry has some people with great influence. So does your niche. You can use the tactic of link building in SEO to build relationships with the leaders in your niche.

You can offer something of great value to get relevant and quality backlinks form their high authority websites.

If you have some great pieces of content to promote your great product, putting efforts into getting incoming links from relevant and high authority websites is going to be a great move. You can make people aware of your newly launched product by submitting press releases to high authority press release sites.

We have some good examples of brands greatly relying on link building for promotion. Consider ICOs. Submitting news articles, press releases and guest blogs and getting backlinks from websites such as CoinJournal, The Bitcoin News, CoinSpeaker, The CoinTelegraph and CryptoCompare is prioritized in ICO campaign promotion.

To take advantage of link building, you must be able to judge the value of the link. It should be a good quality backlink. There are consequences of getting bad backlinks.

So, one should not get links from irrelevant websites. Always avoid getting backlinks from websites with 3+ spam score. Remember, Google is always on a war against spams. Sponsored links and sitewide links can also be problematic.

Your website can receive backlinks from:

  • Online articles
  • Related Sites
  • Directories
  • Social Network Profiles
  • Blog Posts
  • Social Bookmarking Links

These are the most commonly used back linking strategies. However, there are several other techniques that not everyone uses but these techniques offer a great way to get high-value backlinks.

Writing testimonials or reviewing products and services within your industry is one such technique. Though you might feel that you are helping your competitor, however, if you include the link of your website, you will get traffic as well.

And, if you are running low on ideas for link building strategies, you can formulate a broken link strategy. Though this super scalable tactic is time-consuming, it is worthy. It’s simple. You have to find a website that is relevant to your niche and look for broken links.

Broken links are not good for your ranking, traffic and even reputation as these links result into poor browsing experience. So, by finding broken links on someone’s website, you are actually offering a helping hand.

So, look for top websites in your niche and send an email to the webmaster and request for replacing the broken link with a link to your website. However, your backlink should take the audience of that website to a content of great quality.

It’s a three steps process:

  1. Finding websites having broken links
  2. Finding broken links on the website
  3. And finally, approaching the webmaster with superb quality content

First of all, create a list of authoritative websites in your niche.

When it comes to finding broken links, you can install Chrome’s ‘Check My Link’ plugin. This plugin will find both working and broken links on a website. Green links are working and red links are broken.

Now all you have to do is informing the webmaster that you have found a dead link on the website and you have great content to replace the dead resource.

link building tools

Here are some tools to make your life easier when you are working on back linking.

Majestic SEO

You can use this tool to see websites linking to your competitor’s website.

Open Site Explorer

Apart from providing the list of links to your competitor’s website, you will also get other information including Domain Authority and Page Authority. In addition to these details, you will also learn about the spam score, page authority and domain authority of the websites from where your competitor is getting backlinks.

Raven Tools

It is a paid tool giving you access to plenty of useful information. You can grab webmaster contact details, research potential link partners and also send link request messages.


The backlink analysis feature of this tool provides you with a lot of information such as ALR rating of links and you can also prioritize link prospects.

Link Research Tools

Apart from finding potential sites for your website, this paid tool also compares your link profile to your competitor’s link profile. This comparison allows you to analyze why you are losing rankings.


Moz PRO is a complete but paid SEO management program that is not only used for link building. This paid tool allows you to take advantage of knowledge related to social media marketing, link building techniques and on-site optimization practices.


It is a free extension for Chrome browser. This tool automatically provides you with valuable link prospecting details. The toolbar will be populated with information related to internal and external links, “no-follow” v/s “follow” links and presence of specific keywords. You can learn a lot about links and keywords being targeted by your competitor.


This paid tool provides you with access to a comprehensive suite of link research tools. Enhanced competitor link profiling and automated link prospecting are some of the useful features.

Market Samurai

Though this paid tool focuses on keyword research, there are some modules that can be used for link building activities. There is a “Find Content” module that allows the user to find resources such as blogs and articles directories offering potential link building opportunities.


Tout is actually an email management solution not a link building program. The tool can be used for extracting contact details from a website. It can also create an email message automatically. You can use this tool to get contact information of a potential link partner.


This all-inclusive paid link management tool comes with modules focusing on link research, managing relationships with link partner and tracking and analysis of backlink.


The analytics report this reporting service generates can be used for understanding the existing backlink profile. This report consists of complete details of the existing backlinks. These details can be used for identifying and correcting weak potential areas.

Wordtracker’s Link Builder

The Wordtracker’s Link Builder tool quickly identifies link prospects. The tool sorts link prospects into relevant categories and hence makes it easier for you to pursue links that matter for your business. It is a paid tool.

Advanced Link Manager

It is a complete SEO solution that consists of on-site optimization analysis combined with relationship management tools and link prospecting. The features of this all-inclusive SEO solution includes rank tracking, localization, SEO reporting, user management, Whitelabel and analytics data.

The success rate of link building is very high if you are getting a link from high authority websites. However, you will have to produce content that the audience of your link partner will love to read.



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